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YPO Impact
  • YPO Membership Renewals FY23-24

    Wherever your YPO journey leads, you will find what you need within our global community. In this video you’ll hear what several of your peers value in YPO as we prepare for our membership renewals period for FY23-24. What will you find next?


  • YPO Live: Build Resilience in Our Young People - Best Schools Around the World

    The link between quality education, student health and community wellbeing has never been clearer.

    Healthy students are better prepared to learn, grow, and thrive.

    Given the stresses of our technological age and the impacts of a pandemic, this event seeks to provide ideas and strategies on ho...

  • YPO Live: Roads to YPO Leadership

    Are you ready to become a YPO leader?

    Leadership is one of the most rewarding experiences within YPO. And in this member-exclusive event, we help you figure out your next steps to taking on a leadership role within your chapter and beyond.

    Join Event Champion Nnennia Ejebe (YPO Ghana Integrated...

  • The role of entrepreneurship and innovation - attracting next generation members

    Join Enrique Zambrano Barrera, 3rd generation member of Proeza and Partner at Proeza Ventures, in conversation with Kellogg School of Management Professor Jennifer Pendergast as they discuss the evolution of Proeza’s venturing investment platform and the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in...

  • Spirit of YPO

    YPO … together, we are the largest network of CEOs. As global leaders and global citizens, the caliber of our members attracts a world of attention. YPO not only makes us better leaders, we are creating a world of impact.

    Download this video to share with your chapter and other members - https...

  • YPO - The Leaders The World Needs Today

    YPO members are changing the lives of others and communities around the world, and we are advancing business because when business works, it is a true force for good. We are leaders who come together to grow together, to continue improving lives, to move businesses forward and make our communitie...

  • Women of YPO

    This is my network. This is my support. This is my tribe. Be part of a global network of extraordinary leaders to discover a new world of unparalleled learning, resources and relationship beyond measure.