Champion Journey

Champion Journey

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Champion Journey
  • FY22-23 Network Chair Elections are Launching

    Hasit Patel, 2021-2023 Networks Committee, Network Chair, discusses the upcoming Chair elections. This is a chance for members dedicated to driving network engagement, boosting leadership and learning, and encouraging global participation to step forward and lead the charge. Learn more about the ...

  • Disrupt The Future Of Leadership - Session 2

    The Leadership Development Network aims to help YPOers become better leaders in their businesses and communities by helping them thrive and offering support through growth, impact and transitions. 

    Join Dave Garrison and connect with members of the network as they explore the leadership journey ...

  • MicroForum - How To Video

    Welcome to YPO's MicroForumâ„¢ How-To video. MicroForum is an easy-to-use online tool designed to help members experience the power of peer-to-peer connections. It was created by a YPO member who wanted to kick-start conversations between members who may not know each other. This video was designed...

  • Be A YPO Champion

    YPO's global community continues to flourish, 70 years on, thanks to servant leaders - YPO's Champions. Serving as a champion is fun, it provides personal development and learning you can use outside of YPO and builds your community outside of your chapter and local geography. Hear from some of o...

  • 6 Traits of the Best YPO Leaders

    Through his 17 years of YPO membership, McKeel Hagerty (YPO West Michigan) gives his insight on the 6 traits of the best YPO leaders: habitual learners, seekers of feedback, seekers of maximum strategic impact, providers of compelling context, builders of others and adaptable leaders.

  • 2022 Global Impact Awards Winner Dharsono Hartono

    YPO recognizes Dharsono Hartono as the 2022 Global Impact Winner. Congratulations, Hartono!

  • Officer Education: Access Officer Essentials From Connect

    This video walks officers through accessing Officer Essentials from YPO Connect.

  • YNG+

    Explanation of YNG+

  • YNG Forum

    An overview and explanation of what YNG Forums are for young adults.

  • University Groups

    An overview and explanation of what university groups are for young adults.

  • Officer Education FY22-23 - Thank You

    You are ready to be a leader among leaders. Thank you for your time, dedication and commitment to your officer role for FY22-23.

  • Officer Education FY22-23

    Officer Education (OE) is the training portfolio for YPO members and spouses/partners in elected or nominated roles for chapters, regions and networks. OE prepares officers to understand their role so they can drive impact in their community of YPO peers. OE may include individual preparation, co...

  • Officer Education Dashboard

    This video walks Regional Directors and Regional Specialists through accessing and navigating the Officer Education Dashboard.

  • Officer Education 2021 Explained

    Learn more about the Officer Education 2021 learning journey.

  • Member Engagement


  • Learning By Saying Yes

    YPO's global community continues to flourish, 70 years on, thanks to servant leaders - YPO's Champions. Jules Lambries (YPO Pacific Star Regional, YPO Atlas, YPO Utah) shares his champion journey - "Learning by saying Yes!"

  • GCC: Regional Communication Officer Training

    Gain insights from Canada Regional Communications Officer Sebastien Faure (YPO Quebec Gold) as he leads a discussion about YPO communication strategies. Faure will focus on YPO member champions who lead communications strategies within chapters and regions and how they play a pivotal role in stre...

  • Conduct Review Process

    When YPO's Code of Conduct is violated, it is all members collective obligation to take action and protect YPO's safe haven of trust. For this purpose, YPO has created a member conduct review process designed to resolve issues at a local level throughout YPO. For more information visit YPO Connect.